Luxury Skin Care Routine

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My skin care routine is simple. I like the finer things in life, but I also can recognize a good thing, no matter the price! These are just the products that work for my skin and help to keep clear of all blemishes.


I am the queen of double cleansing. I typically wear makeup everyday and when I don’t I still wear sunscreens and other products on my face. I am sure to wash everything off at night by double cleaning. First I go in with Dr. Bronner’s Lavender liquid castille soap, this stuff is strong so I dilute it with water first. This is an oil based cleanser and will literally remove everything from your face.

My second cleanser is the Tatcha Rice Wash. I use this cleanser simply for the benefits it gives my skin. It acts as a daily exfoliant while also polishing and and providing moisture to my dry skin. A little goes a long way with both of these products and they will last you for months.

Tatcha Link :

Dr Bronner’s Link :

Toner/ Essence

I recently developed a love for essence. I love the Tatcha essence, but I cannot justify spending nearly $100 on a face product. A much cheaper, but equally as great option is the Glow recipe Watermelon Mist. This tones my skin and provides a glow, which I desperately need. I use this day and night.

A cheaper option that I also use in combination with the Watermelon Mist is Thayer’s Witch Hazel. This removes any impurities that may be left on my skin and works to tone. I use the alcohol free version to avoid drying out my skin.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Spray:

Witch Hazel:


I have extremely dry skin, so moisturizer is one thing that I am willing to splurge on when it comes to skincare, and I definitely do. Day and Night I swear by Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Cream. This stuff is AMAZING! I put the smallest amount on the applicator and apply it all over my face. I noticed a difference on my skin in 2 days after using this product.

After applying that cream, I use the tiniest amount of Vitamin E Oil on my face. This might be controversial, but it really does help to fade acne scars. I only do this step at night.

Dewy Skin Cream:


This is the most important step for any skin care routine. You should always use sunscreen. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cloudy day or it’s snowing. UV rays can and will damage your skin. I have a deeper complexion, so finding sunscreens that don’t leave a white/gray cast on my face is difficult. Right now I’m using Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen. It doesn’t leave a film, it’s not oily, and it acts as a primer.

Unseen Sunscreen:

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