Sweet Potato Veggie Bowl

Ingredient List:

  1. 2 Sweet Potatoes
  2. 1 Red Bell Peppers
  3. 1 Yellow Bell Peppers
  4. 1 can of black beans
  5. 2 cups of broccoli
  6. 2 cups of Jasmine rice
  7. Olive Oil
  8. Garlic Power
  9. Onion Powder
  10. Salt
  11. Pepper

Step One: Preparation

Set your oven to 350 degrees

Wash your vegetables! Rinse your rice!

Step Two: Chop! Chop! Chop!

Chop your sweet potatoes into cubes. Chop up your bell peppers into slices. Chop your broccoli!

Step Three: Roast Your Potatoes

Take your cubed sweet potatoes and lay them onto a baking dish. Drizzle a little olive oil over the top and let them roast for 25 minutes.

Step Four: Cook Your Rice

Take the two cups of rinsed rice and put into your rice cooker of pot on top of the stove. The rice to water ratio is 2 cups of water for every one cup of rice. So in this case you’ll need 4 cups of water.

Step Five: Black Beans

Open the can of Black Beans and put them in on pot on the stove. You are essentially warming these up, so low to medium heat is fine.

Step Six: Broccoli Time.

Take your freshly chopped bell peppers and broccoli and put is into a frying pan. Add a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper, and garlic powder/onion powder to taste.

Step Seven:

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