How To Ease Period Pain/Cramps

If you’re anything like me, then you have the absolute WORST periods ever! I go through bloating, cravings, cramps, nausea, fatigue, low iron, and literally every PMS symptom you can think of. It’s horrible.

For the longest time, I thought every girl went through this and this is something that is normal. Apparently, periods aren’t supposed to be painful. To cope with the pain, I have taken birth control, period vitamins (it’s actually called that), tons of ibuprofen, and even exercised. None of that seemed to work, and I think the exercise idea was pretty cruel. But over the years I have come across a few things that help ease my discomfort.

1. Organic Pads and Tampons

Switching to 100% cotton pads and tampons has made all the difference. I’m no scientist, but regular brands use chemicals like chlorine in their feminine products. When you use those products you are basically releasing those chemicals into your body. By switching to organic pads, my flow has gotten lighter and my cramps have lessened. My favorite brands right now are the L brand, Cora Women, and Rael. The best part is that none of these brands are breaking the bank and are just as affordable as brands we know.

Link To Cora:

Link to L Brand:

2. Naproxen instead of Ibuprofen

I used to religiously take ibuprofen every eight hours, and I felt like it would never take my pain away. I would eat a small meal then take the medicine. I was messing up my stomach lining, and left feeling nauseous for hours. It might work for some, but it’s not ideal for my period pain.

Naproxen works a lot faster and takes away more pain. I take two Aleve and within twenty minutes most of my pain is gone.

3. Tiger Balm/ Icy Hot

This right here is a game changer. One night in my dorm, I was miserable. I got up and went to my bathroom looking for anything to make me feel better. I picked up my tube of tiger balm and remembered that I typically use it for achy muscles after exercise. Well my muscles were definitely achy in the situation, so I tried it out. I was so surprised that it actually worked and super fast. I actually slept eight hours that night.

Now, I prefer tiger balm, but icy hot does the job too. Taking a small amount of the ointment and rubbing it on your lower back and lower stomach is life saving. I can’t tell you how many nights I have been restless because of the discomfort of cramps.

Link to Tiger Balm:

4. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking plenty of water is necessary for life in general. If you’re sick, drink water. If you’re miserable because of period cramps, drink water. Water helps reduce bloating and can increase blood flow to the uterus. That increased blood flow will help your muscles relax and it will relieve some discomfort.

5. Take A Warm Bath

On really bad days I fill up my tub with the hottest water and dump in a few drops of lavender and epsom salt. I usually soak for about an hour and it relaxes me even if it is for a short amount of time. I usually do this when I am looking for a moment of relief, when nothing else seems to be working.

I truly hope this helps. These are just a few of the remedies I use that have the biggest impact. That time of the month sucks, and extreme pain during your period is not normal. If you are experiencing extreme symptoms please go see a doctor

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